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Twitter Background and Layout – Starting at $85

So, you’re using Twitter to promote yourself and everything is going great! People are re-tweeting your posts, you’re gaining new fans, but yet, your products aren’t getting the exposure you want them to. So, why not maximize your Twitter feed by utilizing the space they give you? Don’t just use the backgrounds for cool patterns. Use them as billboards to promote yourself or your products. Same with extra space with your Twitter information in it. Use that as a graphic or carefully laid-out as a promotional tool for yourself.

Twitter Backgrounds Starting at $85

The new Redline Designs Twitter background features designs we’ve produced as well as a list of what we specialize in and a second list with our contact information. Anyone who visits the site will have those be the items constantly in their face. So, as we go about our day, our Twitter page is working for us. The Redline Designs layout includes the page background and a header background. If you’ve ever had a basic or boring Twitter page, it would look something like this:

twitter-beforeBORING! No excitement or reason to stay.

But after a nice re-design and proper placing of artwork to show off our talents and contact information for those who would like to discuss their new design, we uploaded this gem:


It looks much better and has an excitement to it with all of the colors and designs. Considering the background and header was designed for it, this fully-designed layout would cost $125 to complete. Selling a CD? Have your CD layout flow in the background with links to where to download. Featuring one of your movies? Tell people where to see it and how. Twitter offers many features but you have to be willing to try them.

If you’re interested, give us a call or email: info@redlinedesigns.com. Or…visit our Twitter Page: http://www.twitter.com/redlinedesigns




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