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Welcome to the New Redline Designs Website

Hello, and welcome to Redline Designs. We’ve finally made an overhaul to our website after what? 5 years? It’s been a long time coming since we’ve been so busy on other client’s projects, we’ve put ourselves last to complete demand and be sure all top quality went into their designs. Well, finally, we took some time to breathe and spoil ourselves and this is the result. The all new Redline Designs website.This site will have all of the updates to current finalized project so you’ll easily be able to see our portfolio as well as working versions of websites. There will also be various blog entries that will offer deals and other offers to future and current clients. Updates to information will be easy for people to view and get in on the current state of design.On the client side, you’ll have more direct contact from the Redline Designs site to yours being how your site and designs will be featured right in the front of the Redline Blog. Facebook and Twitter will be updated as well thus giving your projects a more viral approach.

On the average person’s side, you’ll soon be able to join a Redline Referral program where you can make money from referring paying clients to Redline Designs. So, imagine just pointing people in our direction and you winding up with a paycheck at the end of the month. Cool, right?

Those are just a few things to expect from the Redline Designs website. Keep visiting for more information as well as deals on your next project.



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