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Want to Start a Blog? Here’s how!

So, you have a lot to say and don’t know where to start? Do what a lot of people are doing nowadays; start a blog.  If you’re new to the lingo, a blog is short for “weblog”.  Think of it as basically a diary that you publicly display to everybody with an interest in what you write about.

Now, a blog is a lot better than a regular diary since you can not only compose text but also add photos, change font styles and more.  Many have tried various free blog services out there with success but are limited to theme styles, what plugins they have to use and basic customizations to make their blog their own personal space on the internet.  So, where do you begin?  Let Redline Designs help you with that.First off, you need to start of with a topic of interest where others will be able to not only follow your stories, advice, recipes, or what have you but also find them interesting enough to share.  With the vast amount of social networking sites out there, wouldn’t you want your vision to be seen by more than the single person reading your blog?  One share can create two people following you. Imagine if those two people shared again…the cycle continues.  So, be sure your topic is original and something others want to read about often.

Next, tighten up your writing style.  Writing the same way you text is difficult for anyone to follow you.  Your grammar should be up-to-par and your writing style should reflect your topic matter.  Know your subject before discussing it!  If you like to write about Calico cats, make sure you know all there is to know about that particular feline.  Others with similar cats will follow you if your advice and subject is strong.  A well-written piece is often shared among those following.

Also, have a great theme, logo, and design.  That’s where Redline Designs’ specializes in.  But we can make it easier for you as well.  If you already have a logo, we can incorporate it into your theme.  If you need a theme, we can get you one and also adjust the header so it fits your topic and customizes your look better.  If you want, you can also make a little extra money with Google Adsense or something similar and the more popular your site is, the more ad-clicks you’ll get.  Make your blog work for you!

Finally, get listed in Search Engines more easily.  That comes free with all CMS websites that most blogs today are.  Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more will have you listed and make you easier to find among searches done by possible readers.  If you’d like more added onto your blog, such as store items to sell (ecommerce), contact area, Facebook/Twitter integration, and more, then those options are also available.  Let your imagination go and contact us to see if your blog can be created based on it.

Sound interesting?

If you’d like your own blog, then visit this site: http://redlin.es/blogsite and get started!



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