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Meet some of the masterminds behind our success. Oh! They’re pretty cool people, too.

Brent Whiting, Owner / Graphic / Website Designer

Brent Whiting

Brent Whiting has been graphic designing since the early 1990’s and his designs have been trusted by Universities, major recording labels, individual artists, photographers, large and small clothing companies, and startups who need a flair for individuality. His hobbies include drawing, painting, producing music, and photography. But most likely, he’d love to be in Paris, France right about now.

Landing Page: http://redlin.es/brent
Contact: brent@redlinedesigns.com

Jackson Riley, Marketing Representative, Atlanta

Jackson Riley

Jackson Riley has a knack at properly bringing in business through online marketing with social networking, product placement, and email blasting skills. For Redline Designs, he has improved awareness and new client increases over the years. When not tweeting, emailing, or Facebooking various Redline Designs activities, Mr. Riley is submitting various designs for clients as well.

Landing Page: http://redlin.es/jackson
Contact: jackson@redlinedesigns.com

Naomi Thompson, Marketing Representative, California

Anica Lymus
Naomi Thompson has a true passion for networking, socializing and helping people. Her friendly, bubbly personality help to make people feel comfortable enough to open up to her in ways they normally wouldn’t. She is able to use her vast social network to connect people seamlessly and
professionally. She enjoys traveling, photography, cooking, baking, music and dancing.

Landing Page: http://redlin.es/naomi
Contact: naomi@redlinedesigns.com

Erin Pena, Marketing Representative, New York / New Jersey

Anica Lymus

Backed with a Business degree from Baruch college and 15 years of customer service and sales experience Erin has a solid understanding of how to match a clients needs to a product. She enjoys all things creative and outdoorsy. Her many hobbies include photography, knitting, hiking and reading. Erin is always looking forward to her next adventure, whether it be by meeting someone new, traveling to a new place, or trying a new activity. Her friendly smile and inviting personality make it easy to engage people in conversation in diverse social situations.

Landing Page: http://redlin.es/erin
Contact: erin@redlinedesigns.com



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