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Sponsor Me for the Philly Half Marathon for Cancer Research

running medals for sponsorHello all,

This year, I’ve already completed four half marathons between January and June.  Well, in a wild attempt at something I’ve never done before, I’ll run three more half marathons in the month of October.  The first is the Brooklyn RnR Half Marathon on October 10th, then the Los Angeles RnR Half Marathon on October 25th, and finally the Philadelphia RnR Half Marathon on October 31st.  I have my personal reasons to run the Philly one this year and a main motivator is to help raise money for cancer research.  So, I’m going to ask you for help in doing that.

I’ve created a page for your to help sponsor me for this particular run to raise $200 inside of a week.  I’m sure that’s very achievable considering the generous people in my life and it will serve as a function of philanthropy for Redline Designs in the upcoming year where I’ll donate my legs, feet, energy, sweat and miles they carry for the money raised for certain charities.  If you’ve ever known a loved one who had received bad news about cancer or other illnesses and felt helpless, then let’s do this together.

Click this link to donate between $1.00 and $200.00 and more:


Sponsor Perks

I wouldn’t just leave you like that though.  I’ve added a few little perks for this donation period (10/9 – 10/31)

A: $1 – 20 – Name Written on the Donation page on the Site under this particular event.
B: $21 – 50 – Option A plus a special Redline Designs Donation Graphic Badge you can post.
C: $51 – 125 – Option B plus a Thank You post on the Redline Designs Facebook Page
D: $126 – $200 – Option C plus a Video shoutout posted on the Redline Designs Facebook Page (I can be camera shy)
E: $201+ – Option D plus one (1) Redline Designs Cancer Donor tee shirt (state shirt size)

Thanks for everything and I hope to see you at the finish line!  This one is pretty important and you as a sponsor will help me a great deal. 😉



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