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Choose below to learn about the services Redline Designs provides:

Graphic Design

Have you ever thought of having a really well-designed business card? Maybe even something larger such as a menu, a truck wrap, magazine or newspaper ad, brochure or tee-shirts. Well, you’re in luck since Redline Designs can accomplish all of that and more for you. Whether you’re ready for an individual design or an entire package including multiple designs, we’re up to the task.

Website Design

The internet is inundated with various websites and random webpages with people selling, saying, and displaying all different types of items and topics. Some websites are full of flair but don’t have much substance. Others are bland with great writing but not much visual content. Why not create a true balance with your concepts and our design techniques? Together we can create a web presence for you and have it optimized for search engines (SEO) so you’re easily found when searched on Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine.

Logo Branding

Ok, so you have an idea for a product, event, or company but need a little extra kick so that people recognize you with a single glance. Enter the “logo”. Some find that their own personal logo designs created on inferior design programs are sufficient enough for their brand but what happens when you want to expand? Allow Redline Designs to create your logo design and you’ll not only receive professional service and a fantastic design that will have you noticed, but you’ll receive it in various formats so you can print them on virtually anything.

Business Packages

For those either with an established business or one just starting out, this package may be for you. We at Redline Designs understand how a company may need a new image or desire an entire facelift with new colors, new materials and more. Well, just explore the new Business Package. If you order a combination of items from us with a minimum of three (3) separate designs, you can receive a 5% discount on the total purchase of designs.

Model Packages

Working with various models over the years, Redline Designs has been aware of many changes some have undergone from the photoshoot up to printed and digital composite cards. Well, sometimes a model needs many things in his or her arsenal to stand out from the bunch. This means touch-ups on photos, custom business cards, web portfolios and more.

Music Packages

Redline Designs and Musicians go hand-in-hand. We’ve been working with music artists on their logos, CD and DVD packages, posters, websites, and other elements for over a decade now. From signed artists to independent acts, the collective output has always been professional and eye-catching.



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