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September 11, 2011 – A Personal Day of Celebration and Remembrance for Redline Designs

Today marks the anniversary of two events which are very personal to Redline Designs.  One is very obvious to the world and that’s the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and Flight 93.  Brent Whiting, the owner of Redline Designs was in Brooklyn, NYC on that fateful day waking up to the news of the beloved World Trade Center smoking and in flames from a single hit from a jetliner.  Once the second plane made it’s mark, we all realized it was not a mistake.

A decade later, we celebrate the lives lost which include not only the FDNY and NYPD, but of all of the unsuspecting people who get up to work and make an honest living every day to survive until the next.  That day on 9/11/2001 wasn’t just a horrible attack on NYC and beyond, it was a day where we were celebrating Redline Designs’ 5th year in business.  Yes, Redline Designs was officially registered as a business on September 11, 1996.  So, each year is a day of celebration and remembrance as a fledgling company operating out of Brooklyn at the same time a famous skyline was altered forever.

So, as bittersweet as it is to remember the lives lost today, Redline Designs also celebrates it’s 15th year as a company dedicated to making people and businesses more recognizable globally.  Enjoy the day as you choose and Let the World Know Who You Are.



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