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Get One Small Website FREE + $50.00!*

How would you like your own personal website designed to your specs for free (a $600 value)?

And on top of that, how would you like a minimum of $50 in your pocket at the same time? Well, if you sign up as a Redline Designs Affiliate and refer five (5) or more clients who purchase at least one (1) CMS Blog-type Website, you can have both.

Your Website:

Your website would be designed with a custom template to your specifications and would include up to five (5) total pages.  An optional contact area (to be included as one of the 5 pages) may be requested.  Hosting would be determined by you as an Affiliate to decide.

The Rules:

  1. Click here to sign up as a Redline Designs Affiliate and complete all of the instructions.
  2. After you receive your welcome package, look it over and refer back to this specific offer for the Website.
  3. Refer 5 (five) brand new clients who purchase one (1) CMS Blog-style website each.
  4. Once the sites are complete and all payments are received by the clients, you’ll receive $50 for each new client and your cards will be designed and shipped.

That’s it! You could continue to be an Affiliate and still earn $50 per newly referred client.

This offer expires on December 31, 2012 at 11:59PM MST and can only be combined with other Offers. No duplicate Offers can be obtained by any one Affiliate. So, if you decided to select the 1000 Business Card offer, you can only get one free set of 1000 business cards. However, you can move on to other offers and use referrals to obtain their benefits.

You can not combine offers to affect the outcome. Meaning, you can not mix and match offers. If you happen to get one client to purchase one item from one offer and another from a different offer, you will receive the $50/client spending over $500 yet you will not receive the gift till all obligations are completed.

Email info@redinedesigns.com for questions.

*You must sign up as a Redline Designs Affiliate to earn the offer or referral fee. The offer and/or fee is not retroactive. Only approved Affiliates are eligible for the offer and/or fee.  Newly-referred clients must purchase $500 or more on their initial invoice to quality for the $50 payment or an offer.



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