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New Business Measures – What is your business missing?

As the anniversary of Redline Designs’ 17th year passes, we begin to look at our successes and failures and fine-tune it for a more prosperous future.  That future can not exist unless the output we give to our clients is the best.  New packages have been introduced to give startups a fair chance over some of the larger and more robust websites at a fraction of the cost.  Our SEO adoption will allow those with a need for a more pronounced presence on the internet to be able to take advantage and give a push in a direction where their competition resides.  Utilize new business measures by analyzing what yours is missing.

What is your business missing?

At this moment, Redline Designs is fine-tuning its new business plan and focusing on its huge growth in 2013 with the use of new employee positions, marketers, and affiliates.  All re-tooled for a rising small business to make waves in the future.  Our new website is being designed with all of the above in mind and a simplicity to boot.  The styling is cleaner, features are more direct-to-the-point, the social networks are prominently featured and yet the size will still be as large as it currently is yet better organized.  So, this had us wondering over here at Redline Designs…  How can we be an example for other companies and individuals who would require the same treatment?

Well, now, those features will all be available to those seeking out such measures.  You have to first wonder what your business is missing?  What is your site lacking that your competition has and how can you correct this?  If you don’t have a site at all, then you’re starting at square one but your first iteration will be the correct one when dealing with Redline Designs.  Let’s take a look:

What Is Your Business Missing?

A Great Template Design – Whether or not it was customized or pulled from a pool of commonly used templates, your site design should look the part where it’s easy on the eyes, able to be read easily, navigated with only a few clicks, and appealing enough to want to be shared.  The longer someone stays on your site, the better your analytics looks.  People refer good-looking websites and love the way they look on a computer, tablet, or phone.  Be sure your design fits all three and have something in mind when you are ready to have yours built.

Social Networking Links – Sometimes people feel satisfied with only their websites being built and believe “if you build it, they will come”.  Well,  that’s  not always the case.  People spend a lot of time on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others.  Linking social networks to your website is like a spider web.  When someone vibrates one of your outer links, they will be signaled to the main area (your site).  What’s better is this works vice-versa so even when someone’s on your site, chances are, they’d like to follow you on one of your social networks as well.  The more, the better.  Don’t have any?  We can set you up with some and link them to your site.

Google Analytics – Having a site is great but what if you want to narrow down your target market and see exactly where your traffic is coming from?  Setting up an Analytics link from Google is a perfect tool.  You can study how your site operates and tweak what’s necessary to help your marketing techniques.


Many more techniques should be involved in your site development and as mentioned before, it’s not only limited to businesses but also individual sites.  For instance, are you a model, personal trainer, or musician?  You may get paid under your own name and have a website reflecting your individuality.  Your website, as well as marketing tools such as business cards, brochures, etc., should reflect your professionalism.  The site, in particular should be able to stand out from the others using new business measures.  Find your weaknesses and convert them to your strengths.  If you need help, Redline Designs can help you with that.  It’s a complicated process that involves:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Structure
  • Image Naming and Use
  • Blog Importance
  • Social Network Utilization
  • Site Design
  • Correct Titles

Look over what you have, what you have to offer, and see if you either need an overhaul or an entirely brand new website to show the world.  These measures exist now and the world won’t wait.  Get started today!



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