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After your design has been created and laid out, it still needs to be marketed correctly.  This is more than just passing out business cards and hoping things jump off with your newly-designed project.  This takes expertise and knowledge on how to get your project into the hands of the masses.  Below are companies Redline Designs has worked on for different projects.  Please visit their sites or give them a call to receive much more detail on how to market your project.

Prana Marketing and Media Relations

Redline Designs has worked intimately with Prana Marketing for a consistent 10+ years on many, many projects.  Redline Designs trusts the capabilities of Prana more than any other company we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years.  Led by Angela Thomas, Prana Marketing has marketed everybody from shoe companies and performing arts centers to celebrities and surgeons.  Those marketed by Prana have included Adidas and Maybach as well as Lionel Richie, Missy Elliott, Adidas and many more.

Their list of services include but are not limited to product placement, radio ads, television ads, eblasts, newspaper and magazine ads, and more.

Give Prana Marketing, Inc. a call and let them know Redline Designs sent you.

Prana Marketing and Media Relations
560 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632



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