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Learn about Redline Designs’ humble beginnings and to where we’d like to go in the future

Redline Designs was founded in New Jersey in 1996 with a simple premise: Create a wider presence for each customer for less. At the time, the internet wasn’t as widely utilized as it is today by common, everyday people. Graphic Design seemed unorganized by other outfits and one day, Brent Whiting decided he could improve on the quality of the output and make it affordable for start-ups and established companies alike.After calling in favors from old college friends, Redline Designs soon had some clients to call it’s own. In 1997, Redline Designs delved into the website design business and studied up on how to create websites. One of the connections paid off and Brent had his foot in the door with access to many signed music artists. Soon after, Redline Designs went on tour with one of these artists and the rest is history.Today, we still stand by our mantra of helping the newly-formed business person get their projects up and out with a price tag that won’t empty their bank accounts. Photography has been added to the services since and we’ve had a few projects under our belt with great success. Expect the future to be just as exciting as our past has been.

Clients have included Def Jam, Universal Records, Rider University, Lionel Richie, the Isley Brothers, bergenPAC, Stephanie Mills, HBO and more. Now, located in Phoenix, AZ, we still offer services nationwide to already-founded and newly-established businesses and individuals. Contact us for your design or website and let’s see how we can grow together.



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