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Save money when you bundle. Plus, you can start your business looking like one of the big honchos!

For those either with an established business or one just starting out, this package may be for you. We at Redline Designs understand how a company may need a new image or desire an entire facelift with new colors, new materials and more. Well, just explore the new Business Package. If you order a combination of items from us with a minimum of three (3) separate designs, you can receive a 5% discount on the total purchase of designs.

For instance, you may need a new logo, a new printed brochure, and new business cards. Or perhaps you want a new business website, a billboard design, a car wrap, and a menu designed. Then you would also receive a discount from the normal purchase prices. Fill out a quote to request and we will send you the prices with and without the 5% discount. We stand by our work and respect every client we service. Packages must include 3 items or more on a single invoice for the 5% discount.



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