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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a web presence. Start small and build. We have a solution for you.

website-boxesToday is a world where technology isn’t just desired, it’s needed to get a foot ahead of everyone else. You have to utilize everything in your arsenal to stand out. But what is it you’re missing? Probably a website of your own. Be it for personal reasons, a new venture, music, to showcase your skills, some photos or a place to simply write your thoughts, a website is needed to get noticed these days. Sure, you can rely on your social networks but you’re very limited to the rules those networks have established. What if you want to set your own rules? Then you need a website.

Q: But aren’t websites expensive and complicated?

A: No! You can get websites made anywhere nowadays and although that’s the beauty of it, it misses a personal touch that a designer such as Redline Designs can add as well as support and have your questions answered. Costs vary but with our new Budget Website Packages, you have the ability to get online easily and quickly and start using your site for whatever you want. It’s your space, post up some YouTube videos. It’s your space, write about the last vacation you had. It’s your space, invite others to comment on your photo album. It’s yours for the taking but you need to get started!

So, think of what you’d like to convey and choose a package below and get started! The beauty of it is that when ALL of your information is in, your website can be up in 2 days! That’s it! 2 days later and you’re up and running! Choose a package and follow through. If you want a larger and more robust website, consider our other packages. But if you’d like to start small and build, this is perfect for you!



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