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Budget Website Package (Maximum) – $500

Budget Website Package (Maximum) – $500

Are you interested in having a special place on the web without spending a fortune? Well, try a Budget Website by Redline Designs. You get a theme, blog, and web pages to build upon at your leisure. And all within 2 business days!*

Budget Website Maximum Package to include:

  • website-boxesCMS Website installation with database setup
  • Domain and DNS Setup
  • 5 Email Addresses Setup
  • Pre-Installed Theme + up to 12 customer-supplied images
  • Up to 6 Pages + 1 Contact Page (7 Total)
  • Includes a Blog
  • Custom-Designed Header with your supplied logo
  • Addons include: Contact form, Share Buttons to social networks, Database backup, and Statistics

* Server space provided by client; if provided by Redline Designs, costs can be up to $19.99/mo. If proving your own server, Redline Designs will need access to set up the username/password combination for the database.
Domain names are to be previously registered and if the DNS isn’t transferred, Redline Designs will do it at no cost. The client will need to provide the username/password to the registrar.
All information for pages will need to be completed and sent to Redline Designs. After all materials are received, it will take up to two days to complete your site.

Order Budget Website Maximum Budget Website Maximum @ $500.00



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