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Redline Designs Affiliate Program

The Redline Designs Affiliate Program allows those who refer new paying clients to Redline Designs to earn referral money back. So, for each new client who pays $500 or more on their initial design, you receive $50 back. After a certain amount, you receive perks to help you advertise. Once you refer 30 new clients, you will earn 10% rounded down to the nearest $500 of the total cost. All of this for simply telling people to use Redline Designs for their website and/or graphic design services. Here’s how it works:

The Rules

1. Fill Out An Application (apply here)

  • United States citizens only
  • 18 years of age and older
  • Must have a bank, PayPal, or Dwolla account
  • Applying is 100% FREE

2. Once Approved, Receive a Welcome Package

  • You’ll receive an ID Name, ID Number, and link for referrals
  • You’ll receive a W-9 Form to complete and send in for tax purposes
  • Start Referring

3. Fill Out and Mail the W-9 Form for 2013

  • This ensures you get paid and a tally of all payouts will be sent at the end of the year for your taxes.
  • Your information will NOT be shared or sold to third party vendors. Your privacy is important to us.

4. Begin Referring and Earn Money

  • Start sending out links, referring the website, emailing and making calls.
  • Once the client pays a final payment for their over-$500 project, you get paid. It’s that simple.

The Fine Print:

  1. Payments will be made to approved Redline Affiliates only. Payments will be made from “Redline Designs” in either check, PayPal, or Dwolla payment methods. Click their links if you need more information on these organizations.
  2. Payments will only be made to the names and mailing addresses supplied on the Application. If there is to be a change made, email the new address to affiliate@redlinedesigns.com and Redline Designs will follow up with a phone call to verify.
  3. All payments made will be up to 30 days after the final payment from the referred client has been deposited. So, even after referring, sit tight because a lot can go into a design. So, payment times will vary. Keep up a good pace of referrals and once it begins, a payment stream will come to you.
  4. Payments to Affiliates will occur from each referred individual new client on their first project only. Any project that client commits to in the future won’t count. Make sure new clients are referred often to receive more payments.
  5. The Redline Designs Affiliate Program can not be combined with another Redline Designs program or sign-up. Retroactive referrals before sign-up will not be honored. Your start date for referring occurs when Redline Designs sends you an official acceptance letter and Welcome package.
  6. Payments can accumulate but not be sent until the W-9 form is returned. Any monies owed will be held for 3 months (90 days) prior to Redline Designs receiving the W-9 form. So, if you make referrals for 6 months after receiving the Welcome Package but don’t get the W-9 in until the last month, you will only get paid for the past 3 months. So, get the W-9 in as soon as you receive the Welcome Package.



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